the consensus is that it’s a difficult time,
perhaps the most:
large gatherings of people in cities
all over the world
protesting that they’d rather not be
blown to shit.

but whoever’s in control
will not listen.

the suggestion, is that, of course, it’s
only power fighting power
and the power, of course, is in the hands
of the few who run the nations
and their need is to protect something
beyond the many people.

it is conceivable that these few
will escape
when the final blasting begins;
where they will notate and watch
the display to its finis,
and then after a reasonable wait
they will return to the remaining
safe regions
where they will again begin building
another ridiculous and
incompetent future.

…which, to me, is not a very
glamorous thought
while opening a can of beer
on a hot
July night.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript