winter meeting

if we can shift Bancroft from short to 2nd.
we can deal Richmond off to the Astros
because we’ve got Pellman coming up from
the minors
and Ashman is playing out his option
and Radowski can’t hit shit anymore
because this whore has him by the balls
and Muncrief is a cripple
Landau is an alcoholic
Flinger is an aggitator in the clubhouse
Marks has jaked it at 3rd. since 1974.
how the hell we ever finished 4th. I’ll ever
hey, how about another manager?
No, that never works.
maybe for 8 or ten games everybody gets
then they fall back to
besides, who’s better or worse than
Manny Waters?
there isn’t much difference
well, let’s jack the price of tickets
two bits.
no, let’s make it
35 cents.
god damn, this meat is tough!
they say they’ve had the same
chef for 31 years
but I asked the waiter the
other day
and he said that certain chef
had been dead 5 years
I’m not so sure of
all right, I say we put up
250 grand and throw in Landau
for Kellendrum
Kellendrum will hype the crowd:
.361 and 42 homers.
Hymie will keep his salary
down to a reasonable level.
Hymie can outfox and outtalk
any of their
agents.   maybe we ought to
let Hymie manage the fucking
look, Louis, I haven’t asked
but how’s Grace doing?
all right?

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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