Winter Comes In A Lot Of Places In August

Winter comes in a lot of places in August,
like the railroad yards
when we come over the bridge,
hundreds of us,
like Hannibal over the Mountain;
Winter comes in Rome, Winter comes in Paris
and Miami,
and we come
over our silver tracks,
carrying our olive lunchpails
with the good fat wives’ coffee
and 2 bologna sandwiches
and oh, just a tid-bit found somewhere
to chill our gross man-bones
and prove to us that love
is not clipped out like a coupon;
. . . here we come,
hundreds of us,
blank-faced and rough
(we can take it, god damn it!)
over our silver tracks,
smoking king-size in the grapefruit air;
here we come,
bulls stamping in cheap cotton,
bad boys all;
ah hell, we’d rather play the ponies
or chance a sunburn at the shore,
but we’re men, god damn it, men,
can’t you see?
coming over our bridge
taking our Rome and our coffee,
bitter, brave and

Charles Bukowski
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