wide and revolving

it is 98 degrees and I am standing in the center
of the room in my shorts
it is the beginning of September
and I hear the sound of high heels slicing
into cement
and I walk to the window
as she comes by
in a knitted see-through pink dress,
long legs in nylon,
and the behind is
wide and revolving,
and I stand there watching the sun run through
all the movement…
and then she is gone
all I can see is brush and cement and pavement.
where did she come from?
and what can one do?:   when it comes and leaves
like that?
it seems immensely unfair.
I turn around, roll myself a cigarette,
light it,
stand in front of my air cooler
and feel unjustifiably
but I suppose she gives that same feeling to a
hundred men a day.

I decide not to masturbate
and I go to the window and
watch a white pigeon
peck in the dirt