white like snow

I screwed you in the ass last night,
I told her.


I said, ‘I screwed you in the ass
last night’.

I didn’t feel it, funny I didn’t
feel it.

you were taking pills, you were

my ass isn’t sore.

I took it easy.

she got up and bathed.
when she came out I said,
‘jack me off’.

she sat on the edge of the bed
and worked at it.

o my god, she said, everybody’s is
different.    look at that thing!

I don’t want to bend my

oh shit! there you go!
it’s white, it’s white like snow!
and so much of it!

it’s my big balls.

is that it?   it’s so white and there’s
so much of it!
Jack’s stuff was so grey and there was
such a little of it…

she came out with a warm washrag
and wiped me off.
then we got dressed and went out
and had breakfast.
she had a malt and a coffee and
a bran muffin.
I had a bowl of chili and a
large coke.

next time you screw me in the ass
wake me up, she said.

it’s a deal, I said.

all that white stuff, she said,
it was wonderful!

it was nothing, I said, just come,
just common old-fashioned come.

uh huh, she said.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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