whiskey sour

Timothy Leary dies
in a cigarillo ash
as snot and men
from space
drop down
in the uncertain
          with a 4-speed gearshift
          and   a transplant of
          wallpaper we’ve lost
             lalala lalala lalala
the linebacker and
the unicorn
                    the mutilated un-
                    born and the un-
                    certain dead
the mutilated dead and
the uncertain unborn
          the mutilated and the
          and the dead and
          the unborn
and the uncertain and
the mutilated
             lalala lalala lalala
old curtains in old whorehouses
dictionaries speaking of Jefferson
             lalala lalala lalala
          pickled feet with Jesus’
          cucumber withered foot-
          stools in Columbia
the dead and the unborn
the uncertain and the mutil-
ated unicorn and the