what I need

I need dark pine kitchen accessories, a chest freezer, a cimmarron
belle, a first alert ready light, a Kwik Markenjay, converse
joggers,   a bango tempest, hot chips, a spark of speed, two birds.
sheer priscillas, a toucha miracle, a March star, a true Tricia, a
light fantasy, a spicy sky, a charmed quark, a lucky levity, a
Diner’s Card, a walrus, a sunset beach, a Wiki Wiki, a well
seasoned girl, an antelope, a racey subject, an ideal babe, a multi
rainbow, a halcyon holiday

a winner in the first, a winner in the second, a winner in the
third, a winner in the fourth, a winner in the

hell, that’s what I got now: a winner in the

couldn’t you

Charles Bukowski