water the plants

that woman took longer to dress than any woman
I had ever known.
this one night we made love, then looked at tv
while drinking wine, then we slept.
in the morning she was up, getting ready to
go to work.
I watched her through narrowed eyes, I checked her
buttocks and legs.
I got tired of that, it was about 7:30 a.m.
and I went back to sleep.
I awakened at 8:30 and walked toward the bathroom
and pulled open the door.
I screamed.
she was standing there in front of the mirror.
“Jesus Christ,” I said, “I thought you had gone to
“do you want to use the bathroom?” she asked.
“no, it’s all right.”
I went back to bed.   soon she came in and kissed me
goodbye with those big red lips and I smelled her
“phone me at work,” she said, “it always cheers me
after she left I went in and had a crap and a
shower.   I found a Fresca in the refrigerator
drank that and went back to sleep.

I had a real hot dream:   two women were fighting each other.
each wanted to give me head.
at first one would get it in her mouth for a while and
then the other one would pull her off and have her turn
until the first one pulled her off and etc…
I awakened.    I was steaming.
I masturbated.
then I got up and took a bath, got dressed.
then I phoned her at work:   “I gotta go home now,”
I told her.
“oh,” she said, “just stay one more night.”
“no,” I answered, “I can’t…”
“why?” she asked.
“I’ve got to go home, water the plants, feed the
cat,” I explained.
“do that and come back.   we’ll have dinner out.   I know
a great place,” she said, “and it’s on me.”
“I’ve got to go home,” I said, “I’ve got to rest…”
“but,” she said, “you’re resting all the time, you’re
always in bed…”
“how about this weekend?” I asked.   “suppose I see you
this weekend?   it’s already Thursday…”
“well, all right, bad boy,” she answered, “this
weekend then…”

I got into my Volks and drove out of
a man in his late fifties has to
pace himself.
some women think a pecker is an
everlasting thing.