a retired middleweight boxer, Hayden Stuhlsatz, fought
under the name Young Stanley, won 102 of 121 fights
between 1929 and 1941.
he fought and beat four men who were middleweight champions
or who would become champions.
he beat reigning middleweight champ Vince Dundee
on June 26, 1934
but since it was a non-title bout
he didn’t take the crown.
after that fight he began billing himself as the
“Uncrowned Middleweight Champion of the World.”

Stuhlsatz, 68, was struck by a fast-moving
Burlington & Northern freight near an Illinois railyard.
portions of the fighter’s body were discovered by Elmer
Gross while he was delivering newspapers in downtown

“I doubt they even knew they hit him,”
said the county coroner.
and inquest is pending.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript