tv is getting better

“now,” he says, “I’m going to show you
one of the best wild-life scenes that
I’ve ever seen!”

we are transferred to the wilds:
a cougar is shown stalking
a herd of rams.

the cougar is trotting
the cougar is running
he begins to run down the
he gains on the laggard…

“the weakest is the one to
go!” the announcer says.

we see the cougar closing
the distance rapidly upon
the trailing ram…

he gets close
takes a swipe at a rear
gets a part
then the ram leaps off

only to have the cougar
close in,

“death is quick and merciful,”
says the announcer.

well, it’s quick.

then we are flashed back to
his face.

“and now,” he says, “we are
going to show you Marie and
her circus of funny apes!”

we are quickly turned over to
a pretty blonde in tight shorts
among some hairy things with
brown blank eyes of human
with dangling parts of
arms and parts
dangling, she

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