at 9:50 the dogs started barking.
a few minutes later there was an earthquake,
mostly near Palm Springs.
all the television stations broke into their
programs with the news.
then the news stations began belaboring
the situation.
the earthquake experts at Caltech were
asked their opinions.

yes, yes, it was a quake.
yes, yes, there will be aftershocks.
pray and check your toilet paper.
we are all one now.
we have something we can think about
and we can all think about it
and you will hear from friends.
some will say they were copulating when
it happened.
others will have been on the
so many people seem to be copulating
or on toilets.
yes, this brings us together.
when we get further details we will inform
what’s that, Mr. Sanderson?
you say you were copulating on the toilet
when it happened?…
at this time there are no injuries reported.
now we will switch you to our Eye in the
Henderson, what are you doing?
very well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve
lost contact…