Minerva complacent salami doubt check the action on
bootblack row the queen has a mackerel in her jeans
and the cutlass is rusty with mourning
we sail in the morrow on some Spanish dream
the screaming of alleycats at 3 a.m. cuts the
mattress I had no idea you painted so well
what happened to the girl with the big behind?
Morris is sick.   his fingernails are green.   write
him.   papyrology.   pompous musk.   the death of
Hepplewhite.   sop.   tombac.   lox.   exponential.
eat bran everyday and when you sit down you’ll sing.
rolling and rolling cigarettes almost in passion the
plants grow.
don’t lose the laundry ticket.
goon details like crazy drummers in swastika drag.
thirps.   Orpington.   pithecantrhope laughter.
lift your arms now.   stretch.   touch the ceiling.
write your mother in Oregon.
the need to pull a light cord from a socket is immense.
there is nothing like farting in the bathtub.
love and death can’t match it.
close the door.
sit down.   now
I’ll listen.