time off

it was in Arizona
with all the sisters
in the front room
with her
drinking coffee
talking about men and
sometimes arguing loudly
but more often engaging
in a laughter
which sounded
more hysterical than
I took the key to her
stopped for 2 six packs
then drove to the nearby
and followed a dirt road
about a mile in
stopped the car
opened both doors
and opened a can of

it must have been
115 degrees
but it was silent
and not a house
human or
animal in sight
just small brown hills
and cactii.
I sat and drank can after
can of beer
getting out to piss
watching the ground soak it
after an hour or so
3 people came by on
a man, a woman and a
small boy.
I nodded.   they nodded
they followed a path
rode over a small hill
then they were gone.
I stayed until the last

as I drove back into the
I could hear the sisters
talking loudly
and laughing over the sound
of the engine.
I turned the ignition off
and smoked a cigarette.

the sister I was with
came to the door
and yelled at me:
“hey!   come on in here!
where have you been?”

I got out and walked
back into the house…

that night in bed
she said, “listen, I
don’t think you like my

“look,” I said, “I came
all the way from California
with you just so you could
see them.”

“I smelled beer on your
breath when you came in,”
she said, “you know what
happens when you drink too

“yeah, I get to feeling
better,” I told her.

“I mean,” she said, reaching
out and grabbing my cock,
“is this thing going to

“sure,” I told her, “I’ve been
pissing right along.”

I pulled her hand from my
cock and listened to her talk.
it seemed as if all her sense
of humor had dried out from
laughing all afternoon.