this is free, take it, and feel better

bad-natured people are everywhere like flies upon a dead horse in a
hot summer
they are set upon objects, things, situations
in a rather congenial viciousness
that is most often mistaken for courage
but generally
(setting aside bad companionship, bad diet, bad breeding)
most acrimonious nerves (setting aside bad elimination of wastes and so
forth) are caused by
and they fail
because they are simply incompetent at what they try to do or
and second
because of an educational system
and a
national philosophy which
beckons them higher than they are
in other words, they are not failures
but unrealistic forces and demands make them   feel to be
and so business is good for the
psychiatrists and psychologists
and the jails-and the mental
(which are only dumping grounds for the overload
like unhappy homes, thieves, skid row and etc.)
there is no such thing as failure, there is only the
comparative grind, there is only the concept of
and a $175 an hour shrink won’t even tell you
he’s been taught by   the book
just like his victim.

so take this poem and keep it somewhere for
ready reference

because it might not only save you
it might also save your
sad and angry

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