this is an unhappy poem for your aunt Mary in Toledo

this is an unhappy poem for your aunt Mary in
Toledo:   the family structure is the cell upon
which the continuing decay of society is behest
to, aunt Mary; until blood prejudice is over-
come, auntie, there will be no room for gods,
miracles or even for a fair or ordinary day in
most of our lives.   and the family structure
and the national holidays entwined is one of the
greatest horrors of our times, Mary, the abrasion
of hours, days, the mutilation of mind and spirit,
this unhappy poem says, is a toll that has yet to
be tabulated like freeway deaths on holidays, they
ain’t been counted that way, aunt M., but the de-
formed will be left to walk the streets, to drive
their automobiles, to do their laundry and feed
their goldfish, the deformed will be left to smile
and speak to us and some of them will be our loves,
a.M.   unhappily in our life as well as in this un-
happy poem, the family structure is the cell which
supports the state, the church, the factory owners,
Mary, the toy-makers, Mary, the bomb-makers, Mary,
and all and any and etc. of these things, Mary, Mary,
Mary.   until blood prejudice is overcome, aunt,
nothing, Mary, can be done.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript