there’s one in every bar

the cockeyed squirrel drinks sassafras
in love with the cocktail waitress
he watches her body
her eyes
he dreams of her on his sofa
crossing her legs and giggling
he dreams her drunk in his bedroom
he dreams his victory
his conquest
he leaves her very large tips
he says very little to her
the cockeyed squirrel dislikes
how rude and obvious the other
squirrels are
but she laughs with them
she even says such things as,
“shit!   back off, Marty!”
the cockeyed squirrel likes the large bow
on the back of her short dress.

he leaves each night
quite intoxicated
knowing he will be sick on the job
the next day.

the cockeyed squirrel is in love with the
cocktail waitress
but ask her about him
and she’ll confide:
“oh, he makes me sick!   he’s a complete ass!”

and she’s right.
but he still has the dream
and that might be worth wasting himself on
even though he doesn’t know
she’s a complete ass

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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