the triangle

“you’re just like a god damned frog,”
says one of them,
“you hop here, you hop there,
you can’t make up your
you know, it seems good in the
but in life it doesn’t work,
walking through the garden drunk
I see her standing in the doorway, I
“look, it won’t work with her, we’ve
split again, this is
I follow her in.
3 days later I am back with the other one
kissing her
asking her to take me back.
she does, for the last time,
she says.
both have threatened me with

I’ve made 5 jumps.
I’m out of jumps.
if there’s a next time
I’m going to jump right off the board
right out of it
and sit in my bedroom
beating off
until I get my old age pension.

there’ll be nobody
who’ll want to kill me
for that.

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