the shack jobs

spiders and dogs, dogs and spiders, the cross, the double-
cross, the triple-cross, spiders and dogs, I look across the night
come up with very little
remember some of the worst women I lived with and I realize they had
nothing against me, just nothing for me–or others–
these ladies
had managed to jeopardize their existence into nullity, and what was
left we
dogs and spiders, the double-cross, the triple-cross and always the
hard carelessness for me for
dogs and spiders
their high-heeled shoes in the corner, empty
chalices, and
as we slept our drunken sleep
I too
standard procedure:   playing
there was another way
but not for us.
thusly, spiders and dogs, the double tripe quadriple
cross:   the guts not to

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