the reason:

for art’s sake
for my sake
for your sake
for Christ’s sake
for the children
for the children’s children
for the archives
for the Jeffer’s Room
for the cat’s behind
for money from Playboy
for a lifetime of money
for women
for fat women sexy women live women dead women
for Art for Art
for Mike and Millie and Louie
for the revolution
for the counter-revolution
for the howl in the night
for less nightmares
for good whiskey
for the privilege of sleeping late in the mornings
for the warm wind against the cheek of the ass
for salvation and a green front lawn
for the memory of D.H. Lawrence
for the Plumed Serpent
for Dostoevsky losing at the wheel
for better typewriter ribbons
for democracy and fascism and thursday night boxing matches
for the deaths of all the cowardly bulls
for p.h.d.’s and sleepy afternoons of non-learning
for light for darkness for suicide
for enough to pay the rent
for scrambled eggs and bacon
for enough beer to fill a bathtub
for poetry readings and plastic bags
for art’s sake
for Christ’s sake
for new salt and pepper shakers for Christ’s sake
for Bukowski for bukowski charlescharlescharles
for charlie bukowski
for charliechristbukowski.