the posers like to use:

            &, luv, i, th, u,
            like to write poems such as:
            harry harry

            like to give as many poetry
            readings as
            like to teach classes in

            like to use the word
            like to write poems such as
            fuck fuck

            like to drop names:
            “I saw Bukowski at the

            like to call themselves
            Street Poets.

            like to claim that there
            is a conspiracy to
            hold them

            like to think that when
            they are dead
            they will be

            like to sit around
            in groups
            in their chosen
            being photographed

            like to gossip
            like to chatter
            like to read their latest to each other
            like to believe that their works are being stolen by others.

            like to believe that you can get them published.
            like to believe that you’ve stopped them from getting published.

            like to hate
            like to believe that they know how to drink.

like to believe that they are the greatest things to ever come down the pike.
            like to believe that a genius is one who doesn’t make money writing.

            fuck fuck

            anything that can keep them going against their ultimate lack of talent.

            anything anything
            anything &

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript