the liberated woman and the liberated air…

the one you were considering killing yourself
you saw her the other day
getting out of her car
in the Safeway parking lot
she was dressed in a large green
and scuffed boots
her face raw with living.
she saw you
and you walked up
and talked and listened,
her eyes and conversation dull
her hair did not
where was she?
where had she gone?
the one you were going to kill yourself

the conversation finished
she walks into the store
and you look at her automobile
and even that machine
which used to drive up to you
with such swiftness and adventure
now looks
like a junkyard farce.

you decide not to shop at Safeway
you’ll drive 5 blocks away
and buy something at Ralph’s.

getting into your car
you are quite pleased that you
didn’t kill yourself;
everything is delightful and
your hands upon the wheel
your grin as you push the rear
view mirror down and

my man you’ve saved yourself
for somebody else, but

a long thin one walks by
showing a magic leg through
a slitted dress.
she’s going to the Safeway too.
you start the engine and
drive off.