the lady poetess with long blonde hair and long silver gown, standing tall and explaining to her audience how the muse CAME

well, now, I wrote this poem when I was living in
New Hampshire with my husband, Larry.   I was in love
with Larry at the time, well, I was a little in love
with Larry at the time, and that’s when I wrote this
poem I’m going to read you in a moment.   you know, I
feel silly standing   up here reading these poems to
you but… anyhow, this poem was written just before
Larry committed suicide.   Larry was a biology major
and I had just split from my second husband, and Larry
and I had just gotten married.   anyhow, when I read
this   poem I always think of New Hampshire, of that
New Hampshire loft we lived in.   we seemed to be
getting on so well, we had space and land and animals
and understanding.   there was a blue gate they let the
cattle through and the blue gate had these strangest
words scratched into them with a pen-knife:   I KNEW IT.
Larry was very witty at the time and used to say all
sorts of brilliant things.   I wish I could have
written some of them down.   anyhow, this poem I’m
about to read you is about the time Larry and I lived
in this loft. I had just begun to have a bit of luck.
my first book of poems had been brought out by The
Lovely Pink Garter Press, and I wrote this poem
just before my 3rd. husband, Larry, committed suicide.
Scholarship Division Series Three Poems Award, and it
begins:   “Larry, I could have forsaken monkies for the
splendid moonbeans on your fingertips, Larry I could

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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