the interview

I read it.
the person went on and on
talking about the value of
person taught at a
believed in poets in
not being there.
reading there.
and poets in the schools.
high schools.
reading there.
bring the word.
the person had studied under
C. and R. and O.
yes, the person always carried
a notebook
to capture moments
at odd times.
else they would be forgotten.
yes, person revised.
many times.
as much as six revisions to
a poem.
person had been awarded
several grants and
in dry periods person hiked
or rode bicycle.
the masses, said the person,
was ready for poetry.
the reason the books didn’t
sell was not that poetry itself
was insufficient but that the
masses were unaware of
it was our duty to awaken the
people, it was our responsi-

I dropped the magazine to the
floor, got up and walked to the
and had one of my best
bowel movements in
several years.