the improbable probability

do you think there’s anything in it?
he asked me.

in what?


I dunno.

it was a small neighborhood
one of those friendly dull

he continued, I mean, in names, last
names like
Baker, Smith, White, King, Brown and

(Brown and Fry?)

I dunno.

and 3 of them had the same first names:
Claire.   Claire Baker, Claire King, and
Claire White.

(Claire White?)

what happened?

all those affairs ended up very unhappy, tragic
and wasted.

maybe it was you?

I considered that but I found out that all the men who
followed me had the same
experience with these women.

the same?

let’s say, similar.

well, I said, I really don’t know
but I’d say that names have nothing to do
with it.

I think they do.

well, we’ll never know.   anyhow, the next drink’s on
me… Mr?…

Jones, he said, John H.

what’s the ‘H’?
I asked.

Henry, he responded.

I waved the bartended on

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