the highschool girls

the girls used to say to me:   “you’re so
they said this in   a very final way and
it seemed to satisfy
(the boys didn’t say anything to me because
they knew I would take it to
but the girls were very superior
saying, “you’re so
it made them feel intellectual, or,
at least, intelligent.
they had already formed ideas
of what life was
and what life should be
and how one should perform
under these

it was all right with me, I didn’t want to be
near them, I didn’t want to fuck them or
marry them or
even date them.
I found none of them

now, over 45 years later
I find that almost everybody is
and I’m positive
and I’m still glad I didn’t fuck, marry or
date any of those.
they, and those their age, have
largely become so
sad, embittered and

I guess that they started being
so early
that they just wore it   all
and that’s the end of their

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