the hatchet job

a) he sat across from me.
b) he said:    “I will   destroy X.”
c) I thought:   this man is crazy.
d) he continued:   “I will write a critical essay and destroy
     X. forever, he has gotten away with his nonsense too
e) I thought: this man is very unhappy and
f) he went on:   “I will bury him
g) I suggested:   “I don’t think he’s any worse than
    many of the others.”
h) he countered:   “yes, he is, he has a vast and
     insidious influence, and he’s a fucking
I) I told him:   “let’s talk about something
j) he asked:   “like what?”
k) I pleaded:   “like anything   else.”
l) he went on:   “I hate that son of a bitch, I am going to do
   a service to the literary world and do him in, I’ve made up my
m) I asked:   “you’re going to expose him,
n) he said:   “all the way.”
o) well, he wrote the article
p) and it was published in a critical
q) and it was quite long.
r) and I read it while taking a shit.
s) then I finished it.
t) the shit.
u) continued to read while taking a
v) got out,   dried off, went to bed.
u) had myself a nap.
v) one of the best things to do.
w) if a minor talent attacks a major
x) when a minor talent attacks a minor
z) as was the case in this
y) ?

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript