the green Cadillac

he hung the green Cadillac
almost straight up and down
along the phone pole
alongside of the
All-American Hamburger

I had been
in the laundermat
with my girlfriend and
had heard the sound of it.

when we got there
the driver had
dropped out of the car
and run off.

and there was the
green Caddy
almost straight
up and down
the phone pole.

it was one of the most
magnificent sights
I had seen
in years:

in the 9 p.m. moonlight
it just hung there–

the people gathering
the people standing back
knowing the Caddy
could come down

but it didn’t
it just hung there
up and down
the phone pole.

how the hell
they were going to get
that down was
beyond me.

my girlfriend wanted to
wait and see how
they did it

but my tongue was
hanging out
for a drink
and I
talked her into
going back to the
laundermat and then
back to my place.

I was never
mechanically inclined
and it pissed
me off
to watch people
who were.

about noon
the next day
when I went out to
buy a newspaper
the green Caddy
was gone

there was just
an old bum
at the All-American
having a coffee

but I had seen
the real miracle
and I
walked back to
my place

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript