the girls

I used to spend 3 days a week
driving one or the other of these
girls to various pharmacies
on Hollywood Boulevard.

how they got their prescriptions
I don’t know
whether they fucked their
doctors or murdered somebody
I don’t know

but they got them
it was some circus.

one time one of the girls
phoned me:   “Eddie is trying
to get my prescription!   tell
Eddie to leave me alone!”

I got Eddie on the phone and
told him that I was going to
kick his ass, that I was on my
way over to do just that.

Eddie was her borther.
he lived there.

when I got there
he was gone.

“he couldn’t find the pres-
cription,” she told me, “I
had it in my mouth.   I almost
swallowed it…”

she showed me a wet piece of
paper, unfolded it and said,
“let’s go…”

I don’t know what it meant to
usually it meant when we got
back to my place and I took
some pills with the booze
I’d do something stupid
like busting out the
bathroom mirror or
slicing up my coffee table
with my buck knife.
although the girls looked
fairly good
there was not much sex
ever involved.

it meant mostly
at some 10:35 a.m.
letting one or the other of them
out of my car
to the prescription department
of some cheap pharmacy on
Hollywood Boulevard
then looking for parking
finding one of them later
wobbling on high heels
looking helpless
but really totally vicious
snarling off any stupid dreamers
in the sidewalk mob

then seeing me
moving forward
to another day and night
of pills and
uppers downers
vodka wine beer brandy
it didn’t

until we were petrified
out of existence
until the next

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript