the firing of the canons

after the redhead went to the subnormal dentist
I flew to Arizona and went to the dog races with
an x-love of 6 years.
and I won and she lost
and we went again
and I won and she lost
and we came back
and she showed me letters from men
literary men
all sundry sorts of men
and we went out to eat
then came back to make love again.
it was like Los Angeles’ days again.
we worked away
we fired our cannons.

I got back onto the plane
no longer caring about the redhead
and hardly caring about the x-love of
6 years.

one of the stewardesses had a very nice
so I memorized her behind.

I think the best part, though,
was driving through the canyons and small hills
to the dog track in the early evening
and the boys in their orange jumpsuits
walking the dogs

it was different
it was a shake-up of the normal
and the moon shone upon the toteboard
and maybe next time it would be Alaska
or Bermuda
but I memorized the stewardess’ ass
and I thought
that could be better than living with it

and then the pilot told us we were passing over
the Grand Canyon.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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