the dream

I was having this dream      I was standing in this room
and the tiniest little man
walked in.

he said
“I am the Rope Man      and you are going to
strangle yourself.”

I said
“oh no      I’m not.”

“oh yes      you are,”
he told me,
“it’s automatic.”

in front of him was a      little wooden spool
and some rope was wrapped around

then in front of me was a      mound of

I reached down      got a handful      began winding it
around my neck

I tried to stop myself      I

I wound the rope      tighter and tighter      then began
pulling at it      strangling myself.

then I heard my wife      she was screaming      at Bugger
one of our cats      the young one who hadn’t been fixed
yet      our every morning      about 5:30 a.m.
Bugger started attacking      one of our other

awakened      I got up and pulled Bugger off the other cat
carried him down the stairway      opened the front door
gently eased him

then I went back upstairs      got into bed      decided not
to      tell my wife about the dream      she took such things
too seriously

but I couldn’t help      wondering      how that dream might have

Bugger might have saved      my

for that      I decided      to let him keep
his balls
maybe      into the