the deathly bravo

they always applaud each work
the four or five voices respond
with the same ringing
as if they had heard a fresh
and vital creative

where has the audience gone
that used to select and

now the thought in the minds of
the audience is:
we understand music
we know
therefore we

and afterwards
at the wheels of their autos
they come out of the underground
parking lot
with more rudeness and crassness
than any boxing match crowd
than any horse race crowd
cutting off other cars…

the March to the Gallows, indeed
Pictures at an Exhibition, of course
the Bolero, yes
The Afternoon of a Fawn…

zooming toward the freeways
BRAVO west L.A.
BRAVO Westwood Village
BRAVO the Hollywood Hills
BRAVO Beverly Hills.

The Pathetiqué, indeed.

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