the day the epileptic spoke

the other day
I’m out at the track
betting Early Bird
(that’s when you bet at the
track before it opens)
I am sitting there having
a coffee and going over
the Form
and this guy slides toward
his body is twisted
his head shakes
his eyes are out of
there is spittle upon his

he manages to get close to
me and asks,
“pardon me, sir, but could you
tell me the number of
Lady of Dawn in the
first race?”

“it’s the 7 horse,”
I tell him.

“thank you, sir,”
he says.

that night
or the next morning
12:04 a.m.
Los Alamitos Quarter Horse
Results on radio
the man told me
Lady of Dawn
won the first at

that was two weeks
and I’ve been there
every racing day since
and I haven’t seen that
poor epileptic

the gods have ways of
telling you things
when you think you know
a lot

or worse–

when you think
you know
just a

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