the chicken

I came by, she said,
and I hung this chicken on your door nob
and 2 days later it was still hanging there
swinging in the wind,
you should have seen that thing,
flip flop flip flop, it went,
and your car was outside
and the chicken kept flopping
and I said to my husband,
what’s that stink?
he must be dead.
the wind was really blowing that
chicken, you should have seen that
chicken, and I told my husband,
that crazy son of a bitch must be dead
in there,
so he got the key and he went in.

yeah, I said, what did you find out?

just empty bottles and garbage.   you
were gone.   you weren’t in

did you look in all the closets?

we looked everywhere, under the bed,

I wonder where I was?

I dunno.   where’d you get that
big mark on your head?

I was roasting a marshmallow on a coat hanger.
it got stuck on my

oh, I thought somebody hit you.

uh uh, I said, uh uh.