the bells

soon after Gov. Wallace was shot
I heard this strange ringing of bells
an electrically charged ringing of bells
and I thought, it can’t be the church
too many people hate Wallace.
I neither hated or liked him
and walked to the window
thinking, well, maybe everybody is tired of
cowardly gunmen,
maybe the Russian Orthodox Church is saying this
with their bells,
but the sound got nearer and nearer
and it approached very slowly,
and I thought, what is it?
it was coming right up to my window
and then I saw it:
a small box-shaped vehicle
going 5 m.p.h.
down the street:
it was written in red crayon
on the plywood sides
and inside sat an old man
looking straight forward.
the ladies did not come out with their knives
the ladies were liberated and sharpened their own
the plywood box
crept lonely down the street
and with much seeming agony
managed to turn right down Normandie
and vanish.