The Beautiful Young Girl Walking Past The Graveyard —

as I stop my car at the signal
I see her walking past the graveyard.

as she walks past the iron fence
I can see through the iron fence
and I can see the headstones
and the green lawn.

her body moves in front of the iron fence
the headstones do not move.

I think, 
doesn’t anyone else see this?

I think,
does she see the headstones?

if she does
she has some cleverness that I don’t have
for she appears to ignore them.

I see her body moving in its
magic fluid
and her long hair is lighted
by the 3 p.m. sun.

the signal changes
she crosses the street to the west
I drive west.

I drive my car down to the ocean
get out
and run up and down
in front of the sea for 35 minutes

seeing people here and there
with eyes and ears and toes
and various parts.

nobody seems to care.

Charles Bukowski
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