The Beast

it was on Western avenue
last night
about 7:30 p.m.
I was walking south
toward Sunset
and on the 2nd. floor of
the motel across the street
at the apartment in the back
the lights were on
and here was this man
he must have weighed 370 pounds
he was 6 and one half feet tall
and 4 feet wide
and his arm reached out
and he rather lazily punched
a naked woman in the face.
another woman stood up
and this woman was clothed
and he gave her a whack across
the back of the neck.
then he punched the naked one
in the face again.
he seemed bored.
then I saw him walk to the window
and open it.
he had a roasted chicken in his
he put it to his mouth
bit out half the side
and began chewing.
he chewed a minute or
then he spit the bones
out the window
I could hear them clattering
down on the

god jesus christ oh mighty,

I saw him looking down at me
and I quickly moved forward
ducking my head down
into the night.

Charles Bukowski
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