the announcer

here I sit
as the man on the radio
tells me, “for the next
3 hours we will be listening

it’s now eleven p.m.
I’ve heard this man’s
for many years.
he must be very
his station plays the best
variety of classical

I don’t recall how many
women I have lived with
while listening to his
or during that time
how many cars I’ve
or how many places I’ve
lived in.

now each time I hear him,
I think, well, he’s still
alive, he sounds all right
but the poor fellow must be
very old.

some day
he’ll have his funeral,
a little trail of cars
following the limo with
his hearse.

and then I’ll have to
listen to
a new voice.

he must be very old,
poor fellow,
every time I hear his voice
I pour a tall one
take a good hit
knowing he’s made
one more
along with me…
typing away

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