the alien

we went to see the alien and a rather homely girl
came in and sat in the seat in front of us.
the movie hadn’t begun and she took a letter
out of her purse and read it.

then the movie began.

in the dark came two arrivals
a young boy of 16 or 17 and his girl.
he sat next to the homely girl and his girl sat
in the seat on the other side of him.

then the boy said to the homely girl:
“is there anybody sitting in this seat?”
and she told him, no, there wasn’t
and then he said,
“you mean you go to the movies alone?”

after a minute or so the boy and his girl
decided that there were better seats elsewhere
and they left.

it was a good movie but the homely girl
got up and left when it was about one third

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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