I had it for a year, really sucked up
bedroom time, slept upright on
two pillows to keep from coughing
all night,
all the blood drained from my head
and often I’d awaken to find myself
pitching sideways off the
since my bit was contagious I didn’t
have any visitors and the phone
stopped ringing
and that was the lucky

during the day I tried tv and food,
neither of which went down well
at all.
the soap operas and the talk shows
were only a mess of people, a
daytime nightmare.
and for the lack of anything else
I watched all the baseball
and I led the Dodgers to a
not much else.
the anti-biotics and the cough
really saved milage on the car,
though, and missed hell out of
the old race

and you realize when you’re
taken out of the mainstream,
it doesn’t need you or
anybody else.
the birds don’t notice, the
millions of people don’t–
just the IRS, the State
Franchise, the County, the phone
co., gas and light, hospital
billing, the doctor’s office,
the DMV and the

being sick and being   dead are
very much the same
in society’s

either way,
you might as well relax.