Tabby Cat

he has on bluejeans and tennis shoes
and follows two young girls
about his age.
every now and then he leaps
into the air and
kicks his right leg back.

he’s like a young colt
but somehow he reminds me
more of a tabby cat.

his ass is soft and
he has no more on his mind
than a gnat.

he jumps along behind his girls
kicking out his right leg.

then he pulls one’s hair
runs over to the other and
squeezes her neck.

he has fucked both of them and
is pleased with himself.
it has all happened
quite easily for him.

and I think, ah,
my little tabby cat
what nights and days
wait on you.

your softness
will be your doom.
your puzzlement
will be endless
and the girls
that are yours now
will belong to men
who didn’t get
their cream so early and
so easily.

the girls are practicing on you
the girls are practicing for tigers
something out of jungles
something out of cages.

I watch you walking along
kicking out your right leg.

my god, boy, I fear for you
on that first night
when you find out.

it’s a sunny day now

jump your ass
while you can.

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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