Stomping at the Savoy

now look, Captain, I want the walking wounded at
their posts, we can’t spare a man, if these
Huns knew our ranks were thinning they’d
eat us alive and rape our women and children
and, god help us, our pets

out of water?   have them drink their blood!
what do you think this is, a fucking
I’ll give you your picnic up your
ARSE!   get

now look… we lure them in, outflank them,
they’ll be gobblin’ their own shit in
we’ll have their bones for picket fences!
you’ll be heroes to our ladies, they’ll
lick your balls gratefully into Eternity!
got that?

quitters don’t win, and besides that, any
man I see retreating, I’m gonna blow a hole
in him big enough so you’ll be able to see
your grandmother’s asshole picking daisies in
hear me?

oh shit!   I BEEN SHIT!   get the doc!   get all
the docs!
cocksucker!   whoda guessed?   lucky shot!
those Huns couldn’t hit a wet dream at
3 paces!

Captain!    you’re in command!   you blow this
thing and I’m gonna twist your legs and stuff
’em up your stupid rear! got it?

I don’t want those Huns finger-fucking Melba
on the veranda!
God’s on our side!   He told me once, “Listen,
those Huns gotta go!   they don’t wash under
the armpits and they comb their hair with
peach jelly!”

Captain!   I think I’m going!   get a nurse
here, I need some head!   and hurry!   this
war ain’t got all day!

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript