every day on the freeway I get into a speed duel with some
        I win most of them
but now and then I hook up with some fellow who is
        totally mad
and I take a

each day as I enter the freeway I think, not today, today
I am going to have a
        nice easy pleasant

but somehow I get into it and it’s always on the
        Pasadena Freeway
with it’s snake-like sharp curves which enhance the
        danger and exhilaration.

these same curves make it almost impossible for the police to
        time you
so they seldom cruise the
        Pasadena Freeway.

here I am 65 years old
        dueling with these young boys
in split-second lane changes
charging between the tiniest gaps of moving
the landscape roaring by on days of
        rain and
        sun and

it’s all an eye for

and there’s only so far
        to go
for any of

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