Some Notes Of Dr. Klarstein

Draw a line like this:
Play angles.
Read the paper.   Comb a monkey’s hair.   Listen to
the radio.
Early in our time men walked in and out of caves,
they say, but I don’t believe it.   I think they
lived in palm fronds, rolled up inside of them
like banana fruits in the skins.
You’ve got to play the angles, you simply have
to.   Oh, I know you’re professorial.   My
name is Klarstein.   I found my wife in
bed with an alligator.  Been writing poetry
ever since.

Ha,  ha,  ha,  why you damn fool, sure I’ve
read Robert Frost! I wish I had a bag of
peanuts and a jug of lemon juice, a 5 gallon
jug of lemon juice.   All I can think of is
streetcars and buzzflies, flies sticking their feet
in people’s food.   I simply hate you.
I hate everybody.

Charles Bukowski
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