so I got out the AE-I

I saw my psychic tonight, she said
over the phone,
and my psychic said that you
were a king in Iran once and
you had a harem and I was there
and I was your favorite girl.
my psychic said that you were
some cookie, that’s what she said
and she said that you and I were
still working at our thing
just like we did in Iran…
listen, will you do me a favor?
go out and snap a picture of the
moon.   can you do that?   do you
have a cold?   you sound like you
have a cold.   I’m going to a
meeting tonight, I’ll phone you
when I get in.   take some vitamin
C.   take some photos of the
moon.   you know, there’s a face
on the moon.   I love you.   I’ve
got to run… bye Poopoo!

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript
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