skin coloring

it’s rough, she told me,
these black guys keep telling me
‘you won’t go with me because my
skin is black.’
that’s not always the reason,
she said,
there are plenty of guys I don’t
want to go with and their skin is

don’t feel bad, I said, more black
guys are getting white girls than
white guys are getting black girls.

do you think the white man is weak?

no, the black woman is strong.

are you anti-black?

yes, I said, and anti-white.

how about the Indians?

somehow, I can’t warm to them.

the yellows?

yellow is o.k.

how about Chicanos?

I like the Chicanos.

but you’re white.

look, I said, this conversation is
getting stuffy.   let’s send out for
some champagne.

one thing I like about you, she said
is that you’re not always trying to
fuck me.

that’s the same think I like about

where’s the liquor store number?

it’s scratched on the table near
the phone.


having diagramed and settled our
she dialed out for the champagne.