oh yes, you see, this wall is green and that wall is
blue and other other wall    has eyes
and the last is crawled by 3 tootin’ spiders singing
Ave Maria.

no, that wall is a sheet of frozen water
and the other is one of melting dung
and the 3rd is my grandmother’s face blown to that size
and the 4th is an upsidedown grave spilling out the bones of Adolph.

outside is the city, the city is outside, the city is a thing that
rolls and moves to buttons, bells and lights,
the city is a spread butt–look!
and placenta–look!   don’t
look but
leap run hide
hop skip and jump
drink and
cut the
phone cord.

the city is worse than the walls
and the walls are all we have:

almost nothing is
more pleasing than
nothing at

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript