Sibelius and etc.

sick on a Friday night while the discos rock of ass
    and hip and leg, I’m too sick to drink,
        listening to Brahms and squeezing orange.
            juice.   when I’m too sick to drink you.
                know I’m sick.   I didn’t even buy.
                    tomorrow’s Racing Form. now there’s
                        some Sibelius on the radio and.
                            in the apartment house on the.
                                corner a woman screams as a
                                    man beats her.

there’s nothing on tv.   it’s moments like this that
    the madhouses are better understood.   I’ve even
        rolled a joint now.   I found some old stuff in
            the closet.

                        when Sibelius reached 40 he shaved
                            all the hair from his head, walk-
                                ed into his house and never
                                    came out again until they
                                        came for him.

            sick at the age of 57 I sit listening to
                the music and smoking this poor joint
                    while I plan a comeback.

sick on a Friday night I understand very little.   but I
    like the lamplight and my cigar box keeps saying over
        and over to me:   mentel charutos pimental charutos
            pimentel charuto entel charutos pimentel charutos

                        the woman screams again as the man beats
                            her.   he calls her a whore.   what is
                                he doing living with a whore?

Charles Bukowski
Original manuscript