she lost weight

Kirstan lost weight, she told me,
she used to weigh 175 pounds
and she lost 40 pounds and realized
suddenly that she was
attractive.   I shared this apartment
with her and she started fucking
all these black guys.   she went to
work before I did
and I’d get up in the morning
and here’d be some huge black standing
there with an Afro that spread
halfway across the room.   jesus,
I wouldn’t even know who   he
was.   and there was a different one
each morning.
finally one morning a guy is
ripping her off.   he’s carrying out
her t.v. set and her camera and
her radio and her stereo
and then he starts on mine,
and I tell him, “just a minute, brother,
that stuff is mine.   you keep your hands
off my crap.”
“o.k., baby,” he   says.

I had to move out, she told me,
when Kirstan weighted 175 pounds
she was no trouble, she had the
nicest personality, then she lost that
weight and got so god damned
paranoid, popping pills and screaming
and stealing my panties,
I tell you, I had to get away from that