she caught it in the air

this fellow smokes 20 dollar cigars
and goes out on the stage and sings
and the girls throw panties at him.
some of the panties come out of their
purses and some of them actually come
right off their bodies.
he sings love songs and that’s what
they need, and he wiggles a bit and
he sweats.
I’d hardly compare him to Caruso
but he seems an all right sort–
he gives off minor rays and if
he were my income tax consultant
I’d probably like him.

I used to know this airline stewardess
and she told me:   “He’s a pig.   He took
this stewardess into the crapper while
we were in flight and he fucked her.
Later she got the clap.   All my feeling
for him has left me.”

there you go: love gone wrong again.
this is where we live and it keeps

I’ve never had the clap but if I were
bombarded with all those panties I
probably would have had it several

I don’t think it has distracted from
his singing.   ant that’s what they’re
paying for.