Rolled Again

I fall forward on the tile of the motel bathroom
and feel her hand
lift the wallet out…

this rouses me a moment, I am able to turn upon my
I see she’s black…   well, I’m anti-black, anti-white,
anti-yellow, anti-pink, anti-brown…

“god damn you!” I say.

she just laughed as she opens the motel door
closes it
and is gone.

the ocean, San Diego, near San Diego,
and two unopened beds with pink
and her
French-kissing me
as I play with her black legs…
a good day at the track, a
$200 day.

I get up from the tiles
finish the whiskey
pull back the covers of one unused
bed, get in and
listen to the

she woulda been a beautiful piece of ass…
I listen to the ocean…
what else is there left
to do?